Dental Hygienist Approved Cookies

I was over my parents’ house this weekend helping my mom and Kim with some bridal shower cookies, and my mom brought out her stash of vintage cookie cutters. Since my mom is a dental hygienist, of course she would have a tooth brush cutter!


We had some extra dough, so we made a few cookies for her to take with her when she went to get her teeth cleaned this week. They turned out amazing and would be great at a graduation bash for anyone in the dental profession, or even as a gift for your favorite dental office.

I guess because my mom always took us to her office when we were growing up, that I never developed the dentist fear that alot of people have. How do you feel about going to the dentist?

Safari Baby Shower Cookies

A friend said she may be interested in having us make safari themed cookies for a baby shower.  Having never done the kinds of cookies she was looking for us to make, I immediately started researching different cookie cutters and ideas for decorating them.  She sent me a few examples of the nursery bedding theme, which included monkeys, elephants, giraffes, zebras and hippos.

Together, we decided to stick to three types, the monkey, the giraffe, and the elephant.  The monkey cookie cutters were all too realistic looking, and nothing like the cartoonish monkeys in the bedding, so Kim and I settled on using a circular cookie cutter and hand ‘drawing’ the monkey face on them.  The giraffe was a little harder to find than I thought it would be.  Most of them didn’t look much like a giraffe at all; with super long skinny legs that were sure to break during transportation and weird sized bodies.  I ordered two different giraffe cookie cutters and chose the one that looked the best.

Finding just the right elephant cookie cutter was its own battle.  I ordered two different size cutters from Copper Gifts not exactly sure which one would be best and fit in with the sizes of the other cookies.  Unfortunately, neither of the two were the perfect size.  One was just too small and the other was way too big.  Bummer.  But no worries, Kim and I had bought a kit to make our own cutters.  The directions seemed easy enough, and between the two of us, through trial and error, we were able to make the cutter we wanted.  Success!


We ended up making over 100 cookies for the shower, and it was a labor of love.  Kim and I are so happy with the way these cookies turned out.  We can’t wait to go on our next cookie adventure!




What would be your favorite safari animal to see as a cookie?


Crocheted Owl Hats

I’d like to make a confession. I love owls.

Ceramic owls. Painted owls. I can’t get enough. That’s why I was so happy to find a pattern for owl hats. My first one ended up looking a little wonky, but it’s still really cute. In the words of Tyra Banks, it’s ‘flawsome’. It’s little flaws make it special.


The little man in this picture is my friend, Alicia’s, adorable son.  This amazing picture was taken by Megan Carrie Photography.

The next few owl hats came along alot easier and ended up looking just how I hoped they would.  This one turned out particularly cute.


My next hats I’d like to tackle are those cute frog, puppy and bear hats I’ve been seeing all over Pinterest.  What kind of baby hats have you been loving?

Have a great week!


Baby Shower Cookies

I’ve been making baby shower cookies like a mad woman over the past couple of months.  I bought a package of  four different baby shower themed cookie cutters, but my favorite two in the pack are a onesie and an old fashion baby carriage.

Back in February, I made cookies for my friend Alicia’s work baby shower. She was team green so I made a mixture of both boy and girl themed cookies.  Although, now that I’m looking at them, they were a little more girl colored than boy, but I was rooting for her to have a boy.  She gave birth to a handsome little man about a week after her work shower.

Team Green Baby Carriage Cookies

Team Green Baby Onesie Cookies

A few weeks later, I made cookies for another baby shower and came up with this adorable onesie design. Sorry for the crappy less than stellar picture quality, but it’s from my iPhone. Not sure why I didn’t snap a picture with my real camera, but how cute is this?!

Baby Boy Bow Tie Onesie Cookie

I had a few extra onesies, so I did a mock up of some onesies for my friend, Des’s baby girl shower in May.  Her shower colors are pink and gray/silver, so I added some silver shimmer powder to the gray cookie. I did a few different icing decorating techniques so she could look over the options.   Again, I took this with my iPhone. Lame, I know, but they came out really cute!

grey and pink its a girl onesie

This week I finished up an adorable set of cookies for a safari themed baby shower for a little baby girl.  I don’t want to spoil the surprise, so I’ll be posting those pictures after the shower.

What was your baby shower theme?